How To Play Slots

The first time you load up a slot machine, the flashing colours, the buttons and all the symbols can be a very daunting experience. This guide will talk you through some of the basic elements that are found with most online slots, to help ease you into the slot universe.


Paylines, often known as "Bet lines" or "Ways to Win" - will define the total amount of lines in which symbols can create winning combinations on. It's always important to be aware of the amount of paylines, to better understand if you are close to winning when the reels begin to stop. When loading up a slot, you can usually see the amount of paylines which are indicated down the sides of the reels. Alternatively, games will have an option to view all paylines.

Some of the more advanced slot games, allow for their players to set the amount of paylines they wish to play with. Increasing the amount of paylines will hand in hand, increase the amount a single bet will cost but will reward the player with more ways to win. The key is, to find a balance between a cheap bet, with a decent amount of paylines active to give you a good chance of landing symbols. There is nothing worse than seeing a dream combination land on an inactive payline, so make sure you are aware of all possibilities before wagering!

Coin Values

Similar to the Paylines, some slots will offer the option to change the value of coins to either increase or decrease the amount you wish to wager. In return for setting a higher coin value, as a player, you will be rewarded with bigger prizes, the term high risk - high reward applies. It's important you find a good balance when setting your Paylines and Coin Values, whilst adjusting your Paylines it's worth altering your Coin Value to find an amount you are wanting to bet.

Classic Symbols

There's a huge selection of symbols out there, with each slot putting their own twist on the classics along with introducing some bespoke symbols that are specific to the theme of the game. However, there are some familiar faces, which have been around since the very first slot machines in the late 1800's. Starting off the bat with playing card suits, also known as the Diamond, Club, Clover and Heart. These were the symbols on the very first slot machine created by Charles Fey, where the aim was to land the reels in various poker hands. Luckily for us, we don't need to know winning poker hands for modern slots, we just need to match up multiple of the same symbol across the active paylines.

Along with the playing card suits, we will usually have various fruits, including Plums, Oranges, Lemons and Cherries. These symbols usually pay slightly more than the playing card symbols, as they are a little rare. Commonly, the top paying symbols will be BARs or Lucky 7's - which trump the other symbols. Please note, that these are classic symbols, slots do vary in both what symbols they use and how they pay, please refer to the individual games Paytable.

Wild Symbols

Wild Symbols, to some extent are usually present in slot games. Their normal function is to substitute for the other symbols on the reels, whilst applying a multiplier. For example, if you land two Cherry symbols on a payline and the third slot is occupied with a Wild symbol - a win will be granted with an applied multiplier. If you are lucky enough to land Wild symbols across an entire payline, this can award the highest payout for the slot, depending on what other symbols and bonuses are on offer.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter Symbols are normally used to trigger the games bonus mode, which is commonly in the form of Free Spins - where the usual rules do not apply, with increased winning potential and of course a number of spins completely free of charge. Some of the more advanced slots will introduce a whole new set of reels, with new symbols or even expanded reels. Depending on the game, there can be various different types of scatter and bonus symbols, please refer to the individual guides available on all the slots here!


AutoPlay is a common feature within slots, allowing for the player to let the slot play itself with custom entered settings. The general setup of this, is to allow the player to choose the Coin Value, Paylines and the maximum amount to bet, for example - the player can decide to place a 2 pence bet, 100 times before the AutoPlay stops. There are often options to stop AutoPlay as soon as a certain amount has been won or lost by the player.

Suggested Slot Guides

If you are looking for a good place to start, the below Slot Guides will are a great place to start. We have hand picked some of the more basic slots to help introduce you to the world of Online Slots!

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